ONLY BONES authored by Daniel Vlasaty (All Due Respect Books)

This exciting new book by Daniel Vlasaty (The Church of TV as God) is a real ripping yarn.

Constantly hopped up on goofballs, Chicago bike messenger Daniel cruises the streets of the city trying to simply survive. Poor pay. poor drivers, and poor decisions make this a difficult proposition. Don't do drugs, children! 

In arrears for a drug payment, Daniel cuts a deal with his dealer, an unscrupulous cur named Lawrence, to deliver a few packages. Things do not go as planned and our young hero finds himself on the wrong side of a vile rouge drug kingpin with the unlikely name Elf and a pair of Chicago's finest who are anything but fine.

Only Bones is a real page-turner, as hard to put down as a nice bit of Spotted Dick. If you like your crime noir, your language terse, and your dialogue snappy, this is the book for you. I read it in one sitting, missing my game of whisk at the club in favor of finishing this action packed story. 

I give it four cups of tea out of five.

- Thomas "Vaney" Vanesworthy III

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